Adopt a Pet

The links below take you to pages with pets available for adoption. We almost always have a good selection of adult cats available. Kittens are seasonal. Sometimes we have none, other times the kitten room is full. When we have dogs, they are usually surrendered by people who can’t take care of them for some reason or we transfer them in from shelter partners.

Adoption Fees

  • Dogs – $90
  • Puppies – $110
  • Cats – $60
  • Kittens – $80

Adoption Special

To encourage the adoption of some of its slightly more mature cats, the Orcas Animal Shelter offers a special adoption program. Depending on the age of the cat, the Shelter may waive the usual adoption fee and also provide a few other perks.  Call or stop by for details.

The following link reinforces the benefits of adopting mature animals:  healthy pets.