Thanks to all Shelter Volunteers, Especially our Annual Service Award Winners

2013 Shelter Service Awards: Anna Nicoletti and Kt Hendrie

Each year since 2003, the Orcas APS singles out a person whose extraordinary service to the shelter deserves special recognition. This year the APS board has chosen to recognize two people with the 2013 Shelter Service Award.

Anna Nicoletti has been a steadfast volunteer at the shelter for almost 10 years. Hers is one of the friendly faces greeting visitors during open hours, but she does so much more behind the scenes. It takes a rare and special kind of volunteer to foster orphaned or rejected kittens, because it requires taking the babies home and hand-feeding them every few hours, 24/7. Anna is always willing to take on this demanding job when the need arises.

Presently, she is fostering two kittens with special needs named Chai and André. Both were born with serious eye issues, and André is blind in one eye. Anna cleans both kittens’ eyes several times a day and administers the necessary medications. This is the second time she has stepped in as a “foster mom” this year.


Suki & KtKt Hendrie has been sharing her special rapport with dogs at the shelter for a couple years now. She has made many trips off-island to pick out and rescue dogs from our shelter partners. She is at the shelter almost every morning to exercise and work with the dogs. She not only trains the animals, but she also trains other volunteers on the best way to handle each dog . Kt keeps the canines fit by giving them lots of exercise, with mental challenges added in. As one APS board member put it, “I don’t think anyone contributes as much to the welfare of the dogs as Kt.”