Shelter news for August 26th

Daniel,Annabelle,Christopher 28Jul


A beautiful, 2 year old, Black Lab is now in residence and awaiting a new family.  Sadly, health issues made keeping Cooper impossible.  The exuberance of a young dog was too much for his fragile person.  Cooper is tall and leggy.  He knows how to sit and that may be the extent of his manners.  He’s smart and adjusted to the shelter easily.  I would suggest that only strong, experienced dog walkers take him out until Kt has the chance to assess him.  Kt is away for a few days so maybe the best exercise for Cooper right now is time in our shelter dog park.

Cola, the mom dog of the five puppies entertaining at the shelter in June, came in from foster care and quickly went to a home for a sleepover.  She will be joining a larger Black Lab mix adopted from us this past spring.  

Queenie, the super shy cat abandoned at a rental home, is now in the first mini cat room.  This will give us the opportunity to give her pets and, we hope, she will learn to relax and trust humans.  She’s such a beautiful cat and it makes us sad she is so afraid.
The semi-feral cat living at the same rental as Queenie is now at the shelter.  He is not friendly and will make a good barn cat once we check him out on Monday.  He’s not aggressive but certainly doesn’t want or need attention from humans.  Sad for such a handsome gray and black tabby.
Great news for two of our black adult cats.  One of the shelter’s most devoted supporters has taken in Karla.  Fluffy Karla is such a sweet cat and will make a wonderful companion for her new person who recently lost a 23 year old cat.  Marina, one of this year’s mom cats, became sleek and shiny after weaning her tabby kittens.  Even though Marina was found inside a boat in the Anacortes marina, she always trusted people and was sweet and loving.  Both of these cats are lottery winners to be in such caring homes.
Lula is a cat adopted from us several years ago and returned when her person passed away.  She now has a home with a close friend of her former person.  We’ve already received reports that Lula is adapting well in her new home.  I’m always so overwhelmed by the caring nature of so many Orcas folks.  What a lucky cat to have another great home.

Our playful black kittens still await someone to fall in love with them.  Annabelle, Christopher and Wrigley are miniature black panthers full of fun and quite stunning.  They love everyone who visits and keep us entertained with their play.

August 15th news

Cowboy2 1may15

We are dog-less again.  Charlotte the cute Terrier/Aussie mix is now residing on Lopez Island with a great guy who is very dog savvy.  He’s always had Huskies and is looking forward to a smal

August 6th update

Ginger1 3july

Chica is an adorable, not yappy, Chihuahua weighing in at 6 lbs. 11 ozs.  At first, Chica seems a bit shy but she quickly warms up to new folks and is happy to dance around just out of reach.

End of July news

Daniel,Annabelle,Christopher 28Jul

In case you haven’t had a chance to meet Charlotte, she is one very cute pooch.  At 28 lbs, she’s a great size for so many folks.  We were initially told she is an Aussie mix but we see Terri

A note from a former resident


We wanted to write you sooner but our new person couldn’t find her camera until today!  It’s a nice house, we have our own room and about four times a day now we get to explore the big house.  The c

Sweet photo of two shy cats

Shelton Cowboy 12july

Two of our shyer cats have decided to team up and share a bed.  Cowboy is usually hiding under the bed but must feel Shelton’s company makes him braver.  Too cute.

Update for July 12th

Orkila staff

I’m always amazed at how some of our critters that initially seem hard to place find the perfect home.  Little, shy Chihuahua, Scooter, has gone to a wonderful home and has blossomed in the ca

End of June news

Kittens 2july

Lots of ins and outs this month.  All five puppies are in homes and you’ll probably see many of them at events around the island.  The great socialization they received at the shelter will ce

Happenings at the shelter June 18th

Walter and kits 20jun

All the puppies are in good homes.  The dog kennel area is still active with Batchi, Tada, Scooter and Walter.  All the dogs are fine together and it’s pretty cute to see all white little Tad

Dog update for June 9th

Stella 25may15

Two little Chihuahuas have joined us under very sad circumstances due to their person being in hospice care.  Batchi is 6 years old and full of energy.  He loves everyone and is a real sweeti