Update for October 26th

Suki on scale


A young and a senior dog joined us from our shelter partner SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time).  The Puggle is about 2 years old and has been called Shylow, Shila or Shi Shi.  I’m not sure she answers well to any of them.  Molly is the senior dog at 10 years old.  She is a Black Lab mix, incredibly sweet and overwhelmingly anxious.  Poor Molly arrived with a prescription for anti-anxiety medication.  The good news about this twosome is you may not have the opportunity to meet them since they’re both going for sleepovers.  The Puggle will join another Pug and Molly will be in a calming home with another mature dog and cats.
Big boy Rocky is slowly losing weight an ounce or two each week.  He’s a real love and enjoys company so it would wonderful to find a foster home for him where he can stay on his reducing diet.  Being in the meeting room by himself doesn’t give him the opportunity to interact with many visitors.  For a big cat, he has a tiny little meow.  Maybe that’s because he’s so fat his vocal cords are squashed!
Karla is the fluffy, all black cat abandoned in the Rosario area.  She seems to be quite comfortable outside and we have a cozy dog house set up for her on the deck in the second cat room.  If you visit her, she will come out for pets and happily weave her way around your legs.
The kittens are growing, playing and entertaining all of us.  Millie and Roxy, the two oldest, will be spayed this week.  Rick and Cindi are still under 2 pounds so it will be a couple of weeks before they’re ready to go.  We have an adoption request for 2 kittens but there are still 2 available.
Old cat Isabella may be in the final stages of kidney failure.  She’s not doing well and we’re giving her fluid support.  Dr. Joe will see her on Tuesday evening.
The ‘boys’ in the first cat room are vying for supremacy.  It seems there’s always one being picked on so we’ve moved Sam to the second cat room.  He adapted right away but did have to let Benny know he wouldn’t mind being in charge.  A few of the ‘girls’ have let him know he’s the new kid and better watch his manners.
Over the years, our shelter has become busier and involved in many more areas in the community.  We are in need of an additional part time staff member primarily to support the administrative side of our operation.  A job description and application can be accessed at:
If you know anyone who might qualify and be interested, please refer them.  Our shelter is a wonderful place to work.

Stop in and enjoy the kittens

Pile of kittens 11oct14

Four adorable kittens are making us laugh when they’re awake and showing off their boundless energy.  When they’re sleeping in a pile, we note how sweet they are.  Stop in and visit Rick, Roxy, Mill

October 9th news

Karla 9oct14

We may bring in a senior dog from our shelter partner, SPOT.  We’re still in discussion with them and a possible home here on Orcas.  We’ll also reach out to see if any other shelter part

September 26th news

May2 18may

Great news!  Dear Buddy has found a home and he is one lucky dog.  You’ll probably see him riding around in a truck or a golf cart.  His new person related to us that Buddy is the best dog

Shelter Garage Sale Sept. 13th

Thanks to the generosity of many folks, the shelter is full to the brim with donated items.  Many are things we never use or just have too many to conveniently store.  On Saturday, September 13th, a

September 5th update


Sweet Penny has found a wonderful home in Monroe, WA.  She will be the constant companion of a retired but very active woman who lives on 5 acres.  The latest report is Penny is already sleep

August 23rd happenings


Dogs:Senior dog Wilson has found a home on San Juan Island.  He now lives on a farm with a slightly younger female Retriever mix, 4 cats, horses and chickens.  He has been the perfect gentleman with

Wine Class


August 31st  3 – 5 at Random Howse

Dr. Wade Wolfe of Thurston Wolfe Winery will be joined by geologist Michael Yeaman as they lead you through a wine class where you will learn the history

August 18th news

Happy Audrey in her new home begging for attention and always getting it.

Dogs:We have such a funny mix of dogs right now.  Buddy and Champ don’t like each other so they’re kept apart but Penny and Wilson are the best of buddies.  Penny and Wilson are even happy in th

August 1st at the shelter


Dogs:A sweet, mature Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Chocolate Lab mix has joined our canine bunch.  Wilson has adjusted nicely to being with us even though we have him on a diet. He’s met Penny and Buddy