August 1st at the shelter


A sweet, mature Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Chocolate Lab mix has joined our canine bunch.  Wilson has adjusted nicely to being with us even though we have him on a diet. He’s met Penny and Buddy but it’s a bit too much energy to have all 3 out at the same time.  Penny and Buddy are fine together; Penny and Wilson are fine together, too. Wilson is about 10 and still very active.  

The two very nice strays were never claimed so we’ll give them a good home until they find a permanent one.  Elsie is one mellow cat.  She has quite an exotic look – beautiful tabby markings, long and lean.  She adapted immediately to the second cat room and doesn’t seem to be fazed by the other cats or by dogs.  Elsie will make a great family companion and you’ll notice she loves to greet when folks visit.  

Angie is a gray tuxedo and also has a sweet, friendly personality.  She may be a bit older but we’ll have more information on her when Dr. Joe sees her Monday.  We think she gets along well with dogs and kids.

Only Liam and Cyrus remain and we’re surprised these two haven’t been scooped up.  Liam is one laid back boy and let’s smaller Cyrus jump all over him.  They give our visitors hours of entertainment.  The kittens will be featured at Islanders Bank today and next week unless they’re adopted.

Islanders Bank is, once again, featuring the shelter as the non profit of the month.  We’re grateful for the opportunity to showcase our wonderfully adoptable cats to new folks. We understand the staff and customers really enjoy having ‘cats at the bank month.’  If the kittens are adopted, Earl Grey will have bank duty followed by Sucia.  Since Sucia is such an escape artist, we wonder if he’ll try to open the safe.  He does love those lever handles!

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Brief update for July 21st

Petra1 20jfeb14

Kittens:Thanks to a special trip off island, Kathryn and Carra brought back 5 beautiful kittens from the NOAH shelter in Stanwood.  All have been spayed/neutered, microchipped and have received some

Update for July 19th

Pansy Lopez

Dogs:Champ, the super high energy German Shepherd, is going on a sleepover today.  His potential new person has had German Shepherds in the past and is quite savvy about the breed.  If the sleepover

Am I your kitty?

Gray stray 13jul

I showed up at a residence near Island Hardware.  I do enjoy people and have loved the attention here at the shelter.  However, I would like to find my people.  My photo isn’t the best because it’s

Do you recognize me?

Stray near WA Fed

I’m a super friendly young cat so I must belong to someone nearby.  If you might recognize me, please call the Animal Shelter so I can go home.  I’ve been hanging around a residence not far from Was

July 1st update

Recently adopted kitten  Jimmy with his new pal, Piper.

Dogs:An adorable 2 and a half year old Chorkie arrived yesterday evening.  This is the first time I’ve heard this combo word but he is supposed to be a mix of Chihuahua and Yorkie.  Finn is defini

Update for June 15th

Dudley1 14june

Dogs:Sweet Dudley, now Barkley, has joined the household of a very dog savvy person on San Juan Island.  She recently lost a beloved pooch adopted from us years ago and, like most of us, couldn’t g


3 kittens 12junejpg

The three sisters are so adorable and love to play with any toys around.  Abigail, Madison and Zoe are fluffy and have cute markings that help us figure out which one is which.  Stop in to get a kit

Shelter news for June 6th

Pepe in his new home

Dogs:Penny, a sweet and pretty Shepherd, Retreiver mix, has returned to us after being with a family for about 6 months.  The declining health of a family member made it impossible to give Penny the