Update for December 11th

Cute little Samson, the high energy Shiba Inu, is now living in Yakima, WA.  His new person is familiar with the breed and babysits for her son’s Shiba Inu quite often.  Looks like Samson will have a good buddy to romp with as well as being kept in line by the 3 resident cats.  He’s already having a ball at doggie-daycare and getting plenty of exercise.

We’ll be trying a pheromone collar on Bliss to see if it will help with her anxiety.  She’s fine as long as a dog (Buddy) or a person is in the kennel with her but when alone she’s miserable.

Big, sweet Rocky has a horrible cold and it’s obvious he feels awful.  Dr. Joe has examined him and determined Rocky has a nasty ulcer on his tongue, a sure sign of calicivirus.  Just in case Rocky develops a concurrent bacterial infection, he was given an injectable antibiotic.  We’re doing  warm, wet compresses on his eyes, nose and mouth several times a day plus getting Nutri-cal in him.  It’s very serious when a cat doesn’t eat for several days.  With the cold, not being able to smell his food and the sore tongue, Rocky hasn’t eaten anything substantial in four days.  This is not the way we wanted him to lose weight.

Another black cat has joined us once again.  Abby was a kitten with us in 2003.  She’s been adopted a couple of times and brought back through no fault of her own.  It seems she became the neighborhood cat in the latest area and was taken in by a caring man who recently passed away.  Abby is a big girl, friendly, but can be a bit feisty at times.  We have the sense she had to fend for herself for some years before being taken in by her latest protector.

All but two of the kittens have found homes.  We still have Rachel and Cola.  Cola is still quite shy but when she’s in a little bed will enjoy being petted and will roll over on her back for more.

We’ve moved Sam to the first cat room along with the Feliway pheromone diffuser.  So far, Sam, Earl Grey and Simon seem to be accepting each other once again and a truce is in place.

Two handsome boys arrived due to their person moving off island into a retirement community.  Rascal is a black and white tuxedo and his brother Toby is an orange tabby.  They’re 7 years old and very sweet.  Rascal has spent a great deal of time outside and you might find him under something on the catio.  Toby seems to enjoy being inside.  Even though he may be in a cubby, he will eagerly come out for pets.  Both boys are adapting well to their new situation.

The Festival of Trees is in full swing at Rosario Resort.  Thanks to Jan Corbett, once again the shelter has a wonderful display.  Stop by and see all the trees but make sure to vote for the APS tree.  Viewing all the trees is a wonderful way to perk up your holiday spirit.

Shelter news for November 28th

Rocky3 3oct14

As a reminder to our dog walkers and volunteers, if it’s a nice day the dogs can spend time outside.  If they’re not outside, they should be reclining in their kennels.  It’s fine for them to

Shelter update for November 17th

Murphy and Audie spying on you.

Shylow, the Puggle, has found her new home and they are delighted with this funny, little, snorting dog.  Samson, the Shiba Inu, is on a sleepover so we’ll hope this young dog learns to adap

Kitten update

Five black kittens 11nov14

We have 5 little ones transferred in from our shelter partner SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time).  They apologized that all 5 are black but we think they’re quite stunning.  Three females and two male

Shelter news for November 8th

Celia & Scarlett reading plus pets

It’s a busy time with dogs arriving, going for sleepovers and, hoorah, being adopted.  Molly, the anxious but incredibly sweet, black lab mix has joined a calming home with another dog and 2

Update for October 26th

Suki on scale

A young and a senior dog joined us from our shelter partner SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time).  The Puggle is about 2 years old and has been called Shylow, Shila or Shi Shi.  I’m not sure sh

Stop in and enjoy the kittens

Pile of kittens 11oct14

Four adorable kittens are making us laugh when they’re awake and showing off their boundless energy.  When they’re sleeping in a pile, we note how sweet they are.  Stop in and visit Rick, Roxy, Mill

October 9th news

Karla 9oct14

We may bring in a senior dog from our shelter partner, SPOT.  We’re still in discussion with them and a possible home here on Orcas.  We’ll also reach out to see if any other shelter part

September 26th news

May2 18may

Great news!  Dear Buddy has found a home and he is one lucky dog.  You’ll probably see him riding around in a truck or a golf cart.  His new person related to us that Buddy is the best dog

Shelter Garage Sale Sept. 13th

Thanks to the generosity of many folks, the shelter is full to the brim with donated items.  Many are things we never use or just have too many to conveniently store.  On Saturday, September 13th, a