End of June news

Kittens 2july

Lots of ins and outs this month.  All five puppies are in homes and you’ll probably see many of them at events around the island.  The great socialization they received at the shelter will certainly benefit them as they enter the larger world.

Presently, we have 2 dogs in residence.  Scooter is the shy, black and white Chihuahua and Shelby is a new addition.  Scooter takes a while to warm up to new people but once he does, he’ll happily follow you everywhere.  He’s accompanied me on my shelter rounds and is very respectful of the cats.  Of course, most of the cats are bigger than Scooter.

Shelby is a handsome but overweight Australian Shepherd.  We don’t think he’s had much consistent training or exercise.  Shelby could probably lose about 15 pounds plus getting into shape with regular exercise.  He also needs a major grooming but we’ll have to wait until he’s been properly assessed to get this scheduled.  His former owner suggested Shelby needs anti-anxiety meds before a grooming session.  He’s great with people but may want to be the boss with dogs his size.  Shelby also has a full length tail and is a bit taller than the normal Aussie.  He’s quite smart and needs a person smarter than he is so he’ll know who’s in charge.

Since the last update, we’ve transferred in 11 kittens and a mom cat from our partner, SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time).  All the kittens are social but we have 6 in isolation dealing with either a viral or bacterial eye infection.  We’re using appropriate eye medications and they’re all improving rapidly.  When we enter their room, they’re ready to interact with us by climbing legs or perching on shoulders.  They are:
Spring – female, tabby
Sprite – female, gray with faint tabby markings
Spencer – male, black and white; the smallest of the bunch
Racer – male, gray tabby with short kinked tail
Radar – male, tabby
Rita – female, black and white with a short kinked tail
The three kittens that didn’t have eye infections are in the Kitten Room.  They are:
Calvin – male, white with a tabby saddle
Camille – female, black and white
Charles – male, black and white tuxedo
The mom cat of the last three is Chrissy.  She’s a petite calico now residing in the second cat room.

Happenings at the shelter June 18th

Walter and kits 20jun

All the puppies are in good homes.  The dog kennel area is still active with Batchi, Tada, Scooter and Walter.  All the dogs are fine together and it’s pretty cute to see all white little Tad

Dog update for June 9th

Stella 25may15

Two little Chihuahuas have joined us under very sad circumstances due to their person being in hospice care.  Batchi is 6 years old and full of energy.  He loves everyone and is a real sweeti

Brief shelter news for June 5th

Puppies 5june15

Thanks to back door contacts, we were able to acquire the remaining two puppies from Lola’s litter.  Gunner and Sugar are as cute as their siblings and will find great homes easily.  Gunner i

Update for May 30th

Widget 25may15

Evan is now at The Canine Academy working on some of his issues.  First reports indicate he is doing well.

The puppies have been moved to the first kennel in the adoptable dog area.  They

May 22nd news

Stella 25may15

The puppies are growing, playing and chewing.  We’ve given them lots of toys to help with their teething.  No wonder mom was ready to wean them.  They spend the afternoons outside in the fre

Shelter news for May 17th

Three puppies 25may15

A sweet, young mom dog was surrendered to us along with three of her 5 week old puppies.  Lola is a Border Collie/Lab/Pit mix and is only 11 months old.  The puppies are, of course, adorable

Shelter news for April 24th

Tortie 24apr15

Through no fault of his own, Remy came back to us due to his bleeding tail.  Thanks to Dr. Joe, the issue has been resolved and Remy is now  awaiting the perfect home.  Not everyone knows ho

March 30th update

We knew this beautiful and sweet dog wouldn’t be with us long.  Remy, the Redbone Coonhound, has joined a family with an 8 year old Redbone Coonhound named Copper.  As they met, Remy and Copp

March 21st news

Star 19mar15

A young Redbone Coon Hound came to us in unusual circumstances.  This handsome dog was brought in as a stray by a very caring family.  Prior to this, the shelter received a call from a person