The latest shelter addtions


Cats and kittens:
Two of our shelter partners needed help with an overage of cats and kittens.  We’re always happy to help when our space permits and it happened that our kitten room was empty once again. Here’s the latest on the nine felines arriving on Thursday.  Their photos are already on our website if you don’t have time to pop in and visit in person.  All the young cats are very adoptable and, of course, the kittens are adorable.  Here’s a rundown on the additions:
Cats – all from SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time)
Ella – about a year old; soft gray tabby with amazing green eyes.  Prior to coming to us she had 4 kittens but they all died.  She was given an abandoned kitten to nurse and care for and, in typically accepting cat fashion, took the little one as hers.  Her adopted babe is now weaned and romping in the kitten room (Star).

Trudy – also about a year old; short haired black & white tuxedo with big gold eyes.  Trudy’s two kittens (Roxie and Toby) are in the kitten room since she was forced to wean them early due to mastitis.  She’s recuperating nicely and loves company.  Trudy is also quite chatty.

Daphne – maybe about 2-ish; a gray tabby with white paws, chest and face plus a cute pink nose.  She has also been a mom prior to coming to us.  A very sweet cat now adapting to the second cat room.

From Whidbey Tales Animal Rescue & Sanctuary:
Rascal – short haired gray and black tabby.  He has the most distinctive tabby markings of his 2 brothers.
Spencer – short haired light gray tabby.
Teddy – fluffy, light gray.  A calendar kitten!

From SPOT:
Roxie – fluffy, tortoiseshell
Toby – fluffy all black
Their mom is Trudy

Star – black with a little white on her chest; the smallest in the kitten room but she’s a pistol.
Her adopted mom is Ella.

We are checking with our partners to see if they need help with dogs.  As soon as we bring some back, we’ll give you their info.

Another group of Painted Pet Pals


More Painted Pet Pals

Gourley cat3

Enjoy these works of art!



This adorable Bassett Hound was painted by Susan Kreiger and sponsored by The Village Stop.

Silent auction sheets are available at The Village Stop if you would like to add Patches to your home or

Painted Pet Pals Project

Group photo

In the next few days, you’ll be seeing amazing Painted Pets at various businesses in Eastsound.  This is our latest project to generate funds for the shelter, to encourage people to visit the busines

Update for August 19th

Sadie3 19aug

Two dogs have found great homes.  Tika, the Cattle Dog mix, stays here on the island with the best possible family.  Reports indicate she’s good with the other dogs in residence and respectfu

August 4th update

Lizzie2 24june

Two more dogs have transferred in from Whatcom Humane.  Both are highly adoptable and very sweet.

Tika is about 3 – 5 years old and is reported to be a Cattle Dog mix but the mix may be Cor

End of July news

Many of you have already met the two dogs transferred in from Whatcom Humane.  They are:
Kia – reportedly 10 years old; Pit/Black Lab mix.  She weighs a little over 50 lbs. and is a real

End of June news

Cameo2 Jan16

The Team Safe program coordinated with Emergency Medical Services brought two dogs to the shelter in June.  Monica was with us for about 3 weeks and became good buddies with little Chihuahua S

Shelter news for June 2nd

Luke nose to camera 15may16

Handsome hound Luke is officially adopted and will head to his new home on Saturday.  He’s already been introduced to the horse on the property and will have a huge fenced orchard to romp in.