Puppies1 7oct

Nine puppies are entertaining visitors and staff.  Each one is different from its siblings.  They were born on July 29th and are eating on their own.  They’re doing a good job of peeing and pooping on piddle pads – a good start on house-breaking.  Stop in and figure out which one is your favorite.Puppies2 7oct

October 1st news

Betsy3 21sep

It seems strange to be dog-less again but it won’t be for long.  Kt has offered to head east on the 10th to find a few that will be perfect Orcas dogs.

One of our adorable black kitt

The latest for September 16th

Wrigley and Dazey

Cooper’s adoption will be finalized today.  He’ll be living with a great family on San Juan Island.  They’ve previously owned Black Labs and instantly fell in love with this sweet, big boy.


Julius w Lily & Edie 7sep

Although we’re too young to be adopted yet, we wanted everyone to see how cute we are.  Our mom is so sweet and takes really good care of us.

September 7th update

Who's there

Cooper will make a wonderful family dog and is friendly with everyone.  Kt reports he rides well in a car, is fine with other dogs and is now getting in good shape due to the exercise he’s get

Shelter news for August 26th

Daniel,Annabelle,Christopher 28Jul

A beautiful, 2 year old, Black Lab is now in residence and awaiting a new family.  Sadly, health issues made keeping Cooper impossible.  The exuberance of a young dog was too much for his fra

August 15th news

Cowboy2 1may15

We are dog-less again.  Charlotte the cute Terrier/Aussie mix is now residing on Lopez Island with a great guy who is very dog savvy.  He’s always had Huskies and is looking forward to a smal

August 6th update

Ginger1 3july

Chica is an adorable, not yappy, Chihuahua weighing in at 6 lbs. 11 ozs.  At first, Chica seems a bit shy but she quickly warms up to new folks and is happy to dance around just out of reach.

End of July news

Daniel,Annabelle,Christopher 28Jul

In case you haven’t had a chance to meet Charlotte, she is one very cute pooch.  At 28 lbs, she’s a great size for so many folks.  We were initially told she is an Aussie mix but we see Terri

A note from a former resident


We wanted to write you sooner but our new person couldn’t find her camera until today!  It’s a nice house, we have our own room and about four times a day now we get to explore the big house.  The c