Canine fitness classes

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Join trainers Kt Hendrie and Lesley Liddle for fun with your pooch as well as keeping your canine fit.

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k-9 fitness flyerflat

Puppy training class

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Start your puppy off on the right paw and join dog trainer Kt Hendrie’s puppy class.


March 31st news


Little Cappy’s sleepover continues so we’re hopeful this is a great match for the family and for Cappy.

Bubba continues to be the big ‘doofus’ and also seems to have a mind of his ow

March 23rd news

Cappy3 21mar

Our two new additions from Skagit Humane are terrific.  I hope you’ll have the opportunity to meet them before they’re adopted.

Cappy is roughly 2 years old and is a Chihuahua mix wei

Update for March 16th

Tucker - Version 3

Tucker will be leaving us tomorrow to live on a ranch near Bellingham that also serves as a dog boarding facility and doggie day care.  The owner offers 3 spaces to a rescue organization for d

March 6th news

Suki weighing herself.  Yes, she could lose a pound or two!
[caption id="attachment_19849" align="alignright" width="300"] Suki weighing herself. Yes, she could lose a pound or two![/caption]

Well, it didn’t work out for Isabella with her family.

February 25th news

Isabella 2

I put off sending an update because we believed a dog would be surrendered to us last Saturday.  To date, the owner hasn’t contacted us so we’re guessing he’s found other arrangements.

Puppy Socialization Class

puppy socialization 2014

Click to download the poster.

February 6th update

Pete2 5feb

Dogs: Sweet, gentle Ben is on a sleepover with a mature gentleman looking for a senior dog.  He is delighted Ben loves to fetch a tennis ball and they will also enjoy walks together.  Let’s hope t

February 2nd brief update

Pete1 5feb

A chubby Siamese mix has joined us after being corralled by Dr. Joe.  In typical Siamese fashion, she is quite talkative and is more on the gray side than the usual buff color.  Evidently, he