Shelter news for February 5


Roxie, the Min Pin, is a delightful little dog but we’re still trying to determine the cause of her urinary leakage.  When Dr. Joe returns on the 16th, she will be a topic of discussion.  Until then, Roxie is having a ball with all the visitors and loves the attention she gets from kids.  She is adjusting to a new, much bigger dog but she doesn’t realize she’s only 12 lbs.

Our newest arrival is Chimo.  He’s about 5 years old and is a mix of Black Lab and Chow.  Chimo is a handsome dog and quite smart.  He really enjoys playing with other dogs and gives play bows easily.  He came to us with some training but we want to make sure how well he accepts new people and especially kids.  More on Chimo as he is evaluated.

A beautiful, fluffy, buff and white tuxedo joined us after his elderly person could no longer care for him.  Rodney has been well cared for his entire life and has always been an indoor cat.  Even though he’s 10, Rodney is playful and enjoys interacting with anyone visiting him.

Two cats in the second cat room have gone to a home together.  Jack (black and white tuxedo) and Aria (all black) now keep a mature woman company and her daughters report they are the perfect cats.  Aria will curl up next to her person while she reads and Jack lounges at her feet.  The cats seem totally devoted to their new family members.  Aria also keeps a conversation going with her sweet mews.  Such a great match for two wonderful cats.

A former resident is back with us due to bad potty habits.  So far, Molly is fine in her mini cat room but she’s lost a significant amount of weight.  She’s a very shy cat but will come out of her favorite bed for pets.  Molly is definitely a candidate for a visit with Dr. Joe.

Photo courtesy of Gabriel Jacobs.

January 18th update

Olivia & Julius jan16

Two cute little dogs were transferred in from Skagit Humane.  Both are female and one has already gone for a sleepover with a caring woman who calls us on a regular basis to find a new friend.

Shelter news for January 13

Seaview Stray2 29dec15

We are dog-less again now that Poppy has found a great home on Bainbridge Island.  His new person previously owned a Norwegian Elkhound so is very familiar with large, furry dogs.  We know he

Puppy Class

Get your puppy socialized and trained by certified dog trainer Kt Hendrie CPDT-KA.

Classes will be held at the Odd Fellows Hall starting in January and will be 6 sessions.

Contact Kt at kthendri

Another stray black cat

OCS stray3 3jan16

Another friendly black cat came to us as a stray from the area around the Orcas Christian School. Her fur is fluffy and she appears to be fairly well cared for but is certainly happy to be out of the

Catio update

Bob & Phil2 3jan16

Work continues on the catio refurbishment project. All the wire is replaced on existing catios and the new catio will be completed this week. A huge thank you to Phil, Bob and Wade for their amazing w

Happy adoption for a great dog

Demetria2 27dec15

Receiving photos of our happy dogs and cats in their new homes makes our day.  Pudding certainly is another lottery winner with her new family on Lopez.



Stray cats out of the cold

Seaview stray1 29dec15

We now have 3 nice cats brought to us as strays from various parts of the island.  They’re safe and warm at the shelter but we’d like to find their families.  All are short haired so being out of th

December 28th update

Bernie1 12Dec

Lovely and sweet Pudding is now enjoying life on 17 acres on Lopez Island.  A perfect setting for this Border Collie mix joining a young couple who give her lots of exercise and attention.  W

Vote for the Shelter’s tree

Rosario tree2 13 dec15

You and your family will enjoy viewing all the Christmas trees while strolling the hallway in the Rosario mansion.  The Shelter’s tree features photos of our dogs and cats awaiting homes as well as t