Shelter news for May 17th


A sweet, young mom dog was surrendered to us along with three of her 5 week old puppies.  Lola is a Border Collie/Lab/Pit mix and is only 11 months old.  The puppies are, of course, adorable and Lola is a good mom.  We’re starting the pups on softened kibble since they are able to lap and soon, we hope, will start eating solids.  Presently, the family is housed in Dog Isolation away from Evan.  We’ve set up a portable fence at the back of the shelter so the puppies can go outside.  Here’s a brief description of them:
Widget – female; dark brown with a white flash on her chest
Marlon – male; black with wavy fur and white on his chest and paws
Stella – female; black with short fur, white on her chest and paws plus a ring of white that almost goes around her neck

The puppies are healthy and quite round.  They’ve had lots of visitors and are starting to get a little more steady on their feet.  It won’t be long and they’ll be playing.

Benny has joined Simon at the Brunius spa and both boys are losing weight on the restricted diet plus more exercise.  Thank you to Barb and Bob for your efforts in getting these cats healthier.  Now to find a place for Scarlett and Mac.
Super shy tabby Cowboy is in the second mini cat room.  Rather than sleeping on top of the cushy bed provided, he burrows underneath it.  Cowboy enjoys being petted and is slowly realizing he’s in a safe place.  His vision is somewhat impaired by cataracts in both eyes.  We know he can sense light but we’re not sure how well he sees his surroundings.  Just pick up his ‘cover’ and he will reward you with purrs while you pet him.
We have a waiting list for kittens and have reached out to shelter partners to see if any need help.  The Cats Meow shelter in Anacortes can use our assistance so we will probably bring a mom cat and her 3 kittens to our shelter in the next few days.  The kittens are quite young so we may have to limit visitors depending on how comfortable the mom cat is.

Shelter news for April 24th

Tortie 24apr15

Through no fault of his own, Remy came back to us due to his bleeding tail.  Thanks to Dr. Joe, the issue has been resolved and Remy is now  awaiting the perfect home.  Not everyone knows ho

March 30th update

We knew this beautiful and sweet dog wouldn’t be with us long.  Remy, the Redbone Coonhound, has joined a family with an 8 year old Redbone Coonhound named Copper.  As they met, Remy and Copp

March 21st news

Star 19mar15

A young Redbone Coon Hound came to us in unusual circumstances.  This handsome dog was brought in as a stray by a very caring family.  Prior to this, the shelter received a call from a person

News for March 13th

Hank2 13mar15

We have a new resident a bit on the mature side.  His name is Hank and we’re guessing he’s 7 or 8 years old.  He’s reported to be a Chocolate Lab but we also see some hound in the mix. Kt bro

Shelter news for February 21st

Quincy 12jan15

In the next week, we’ll be getting a little dog about 7 years old.  He’s a Chihuahua/Doxie mix (sometimes called a Ch-weenie!).  More info on him after he arrives.

The beautiful lit

Stray kitten

tabby kitten stray 5feb15

This beautiful teenage kitten has been with us for a week with no one calling or coming to look for her.  She’s friendly and gentle so obviously belonged to someone.  The sweet girl was hanging arou

Shelter update for January 24th

Evan 22jan15

A handsome and sweet dog is now in house.  Evan is a mix of some herding breed with maybe a bit of pit.  He’s a nice medium sized dog with black spots and cute, folded, black ears.  Kt repor

Happy update for January 13th

Bliss1 2nov14

What an amazing day.  On Saturday, two caring women stopped in, almost simultaneously, to inquire about Buddy and Bliss.  They don’t know each other and it was one of those serendipitous mome

Shelter update for January 9th

Winnie on top jan15

Bliss and Buddy are still with us and receiving lots of exercise and attention thanks to our faithful dog walkers.

We may be getting a female Golden Retriever due to her owner not finding a