Update for April 23rd

Sherrie1 Apr16

Our two shy Jack Russell Terrier mixes have gone to a home together.  Noodles and Stella are lucky to be with a quiet couple who’ve had Jack Russells in the past.  The girls are already using a dog door for outside time and warming up to their new people.

Mika, the almost perfect dog, is on a sleepover with an active family.  We’re keeping fingers crossed this is the right match for them and for her.  The dad is a runner so Mika will get lots of exercise plus the two boys will provide play time.  The mom will be the soft touch for Mika to cuddle.

Presently, we are sheltering a 9 month old puppy brought in by the Sheriff’s Dept.  Nikita’s person is in jail but we don’t know for how long and there is no family member or friend to care for her.  She’s a sweet dog, eager to please and had a wonderful time playing with Mika.  Kt has been working on her manners and Nikita responds well.  We think we’re a spa for this dog with plenty of food, exercise and company. In the past, we’ve provided food for her person so we hope, at some point, he will realize we can find a more appropriate home for her.

Calico mom cat gave birth to kittens on the 21st.  We’re not sure how many yet but have been able to identify a brown tabby, an orange tabby, a white with orange patches and an all gray.  There may be one more but the babes are in such a pile next to mom, it’s hard to see them all.  We’re keeping the light off in the room since their eyes aren’t open but staff will visit regularly to check on them.

Year old Sherrie will leave for a home today and possibly either Willow or Evie, too.  They will be indoor cats and have a great home with a couple losing an elderly cat months ago.  They decided they were finally ready to bring a new cat into their home.  Sometimes it does take time for folks to grieve before being ready to take in new furry friends.Stella 1apr16Noodles2 Mar16

April 14th news

Xena01 Feb16

Noodles, the Jack Russell adopted in March, returned to us not because she was a problem.  Her mature owner found that two active dogs was a bit too much and giving up Noodles was done tearful

Shelter news for April 4th

Mika1 1apr16

Dear, old Claire has settled into the shelter routine nicely.  Her horribly long nails are trimmed, ears are being treated for inflammation and she’s on Rimadyl to give her relief from arthrit

Spa Day

Joe and Claire 30mar16

Our wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Joe Gaydos, makes 14 year old dog Claire comfortable while he trims her nails and gives her a full exam.  She was lounging contentedly on her bed in the lobby so he di

Easter update

Claire 25mar16

All three of our recent arrivals have potential homes.  Jack Russell terrier Noodles is now sharing the affection of a kind woman who adopted another dog from us.  Noodles is so much happier

Middle of March update

Scooby2 Mar16

We have 3 new dogs and they’re all very adoptable.  A brief rundown on the newest arrivals:
– Pluto is a 4 month old Golden Retriever/Pit mix.  He has the short fur of a Pit but his body, es

March 1st happenings

Chimo 5mar16

Three of the little Chihuahuas have found great homes.  We still have the senior dog, Poppers, but he spends the afternoons with us in the lobby.  Since he’s smaller than the senior lobby cat

Little dogs

Chihuahuas02 Feb16

We received 4 little Chihuahuas ranging in age from 9 months to 10 1/2 years.  They are all very friendly but have no training, including house-breaking.  The 3 males and one female came from a coup

Shelter news for February 5


Roxie, the Min Pin, is a delightful little dog but we’re still trying to determine the cause of her urinary leakage.  When Dr. Joe returns on the 16th, she will be a topic of discussion.  Unt

January 18th update

Olivia & Julius jan16

Two cute little dogs were transferred in from Skagit Humane.  Both are female and one has already gone for a sleepover with a caring woman who calls us on a regular basis to find a new friend.