Shelter update for January 24th

Evan 22jan15

A handsome and sweet dog is now in house.  Evan is a mix of some herding breed with maybe a bit of pit.  He’s a nice medium sized dog with black spots and cute, folded, black ears.  Kt reports he’s very smart and knows quite a few commands.  He needs work on jumping up and being ‘mouthy.’  We think he may have been encouraged to do this by his former person who has some major problems ahead.  Evan plays well with other dogs and did well at the public dog park.

Brothers, Toby and Rascal have gone to a home together.  We knew orange tabby Toby would be very adoptable but black and white tuxedo Rascal would be problematic due to his more elusive nature.  The boys are joining a home very much like the one they were raised in – a mature, single person with a quieter lifestyle.  Since Rascal loves being outside so much, he will have the opportunity to spend time with the sheep on the farm or join Toby inside near the fire.  What a huge relief that both went together.

Quincy didn’t take too long to find the perfect family.  This friendly brown tabby was still in the introduction process in cat room one when he charmed a family recently losing their beloved cat.  Reports from his new family indicate he made himself at home right away and makes them chuckle when he drinks water.  Quincy is one of those cats that dip a paw into the water then lap it off the paw.  It is pretty cute to see them do that.  His sister, April, is slowly adapting to the community room and loves to be petted.  It doesn’t take too long and she starts drooling with happiness.

Old boy, Forbes, seems to have decided he likes his bed near the kitchen so we didn’t move him into a cat room.  Forbes isn’t underfoot like Iggy, who constantly begs for more canned food.

A stray cat came to us yesterday having been adopted from us as a kitten a few years ago.  Somehow he ended up at the top of Buck Mountain and was featured in a Facebook post as a possibility for someone also missing a tuxedo cat.  We’re working on the series of events that sent him from one family to another and then another.  He’s a super friendly and handsome cat so if no one wants to take responsibility for him, I know we can find him a good home.

A huge thank you to everyone voting for the shelter’s tree at Rosario’s Festival of Trees.  With Rosario matching our $1 votes, we received a check for over $800.  A lovely bonus for the shelter.

Happy update for January 13th

Bliss1 2nov14

What an amazing day.  On Saturday, two caring women stopped in, almost simultaneously, to inquire about Buddy and Bliss.  They don’t know each other and it was one of those serendipitous mome

Shelter update for January 9th

Winnie on top jan15

Bliss and Buddy are still with us and receiving lots of exercise and attention thanks to our faithful dog walkers.

We may be getting a female Golden Retriever due to her owner not finding a

The New Year

Grant1 10oct14

We can celebrate another successful year at the Animal Shelter, having found homes for 65 cats and 16 dogs.  Of course, there are also the 63 stray dogs reunited with their families to add to the cou

Update for December 11th

Cute little Samson, the high energy Shiba Inu, is now living in Yakima, WA.  His new person is familiar with the breed and babysits for her son’s Shiba Inu quite often.  Looks like Samson wil

Shelter news for November 28th

Rocky3 3oct14

As a reminder to our dog walkers and volunteers, if it’s a nice day the dogs can spend time outside.  If they’re not outside, they should be reclining in their kennels.  It’s fine for them to

Shelter update for November 17th

Murphy and Audie spying on you.

Shylow, the Puggle, has found her new home and they are delighted with this funny, little, snorting dog.  Samson, the Shiba Inu, is on a sleepover so we’ll hope this young dog learns to adap

Kitten update

Five black kittens 11nov14

We have 5 little ones transferred in from our shelter partner SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time).  They apologized that all 5 are black but we think they’re quite stunning.  Three females and two male

Shelter news for November 8th

Celia & Scarlett reading plus pets

It’s a busy time with dogs arriving, going for sleepovers and, hoorah, being adopted.  Molly, the anxious but incredibly sweet, black lab mix has joined a calming home with another dog and 2

Update for October 26th

Suki on scale

A young and a senior dog joined us from our shelter partner SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time).  The Puggle is about 2 years old and has been called Shylow, Shila or Shi Shi.  I’m not sure sh