A note from a former resident


We wanted to write you sooner but our new person couldn’t find her camera until today!  It’s a nice house, we have our own room and about four times a day now we get to explore the big house.  The cat tree arrived last week and we are loving it.  There is a huge dog here living with us but he is really, really nice.  We gave him the sniff test when we first met and he sniffed back and now we kiss when we pass each other.    His name is Mack.  He is very gentle with us but we have to be careful because he tries to eat our food.  Our person moves the food when we race all around the house.  The upstairs bathroom has a great claw foot tub and we jumped right in, only then we couldn’t get out so we mewed and mewed and sure enough our female person came and rescued us.  The thing we really like the most is when we jump on the kitchen table to eat the flowers.  Now there is a shiny new tablecloth on there , all silver, that makes noise, and we love it even more than the cloth tablecloth because we can play on it.  (:()  Racer keeps trying to get Mack’s tail .   So far so good and we have grown so much!  I think we see the doctor in two days and then in another two weeks, but today is Mack’s turn at the doctor because he keeps shaking his head all of a sudden.  He’ll tell us all about it when he gets home.  Regards to all our friends there.   I am sending two emails , different picture in each email, but same story!

Rita and Racer

PS  This may not please folks too much but our persons said we are real pistols.  So they named us Smith and Wesson.  Smitty is a real lover boy when he wants to be and I Wessie am innocent of any and all wrong doing.  It’s all Smitty’s fault – always.

Sweet photo of two shy cats

Shelton Cowboy 12july

Two of our shyer cats have decided to team up and share a bed.  Cowboy is usually hiding under the bed but must feel Shelton’s company makes him braver.  Too cute.

Update for July 12th

Orkila staff

I’m always amazed at how some of our critters that initially seem hard to place find the perfect home.  Little, shy Chihuahua, Scooter, has gone to a wonderful home and has blossomed in the ca

End of June news

Kittens 2july

Lots of ins and outs this month.  All five puppies are in homes and you’ll probably see many of them at events around the island.  The great socialization they received at the shelter will ce

Happenings at the shelter June 18th

Walter and kits 20jun

All the puppies are in good homes.  The dog kennel area is still active with Batchi, Tada, Scooter and Walter.  All the dogs are fine together and it’s pretty cute to see all white little Tad

Dog update for June 9th

Stella 25may15

Two little Chihuahuas have joined us under very sad circumstances due to their person being in hospice care.  Batchi is 6 years old and full of energy.  He loves everyone and is a real sweeti

Brief shelter news for June 5th

Puppies 5june15

Thanks to back door contacts, we were able to acquire the remaining two puppies from Lola’s litter.  Gunner and Sugar are as cute as their siblings and will find great homes easily.  Gunner i

Update for May 30th

Widget 25may15

Evan is now at The Canine Academy working on some of his issues.  First reports indicate he is doing well.

The puppies have been moved to the first kennel in the adoptable dog area.  They

May 22nd news

Stella 25may15

The puppies are growing, playing and chewing.  We’ve given them lots of toys to help with their teething.  No wonder mom was ready to wean them.  They spend the afternoons outside in the fre

Shelter news for May 17th

Three puppies 25may15

A sweet, young mom dog was surrendered to us along with three of her 5 week old puppies.  Lola is a Border Collie/Lab/Pit mix and is only 11 months old.  The puppies are, of course, adorable